Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not a Book Shop But a Blog. . .

Cornflower Books is a wonderful blog about books, it's well worth a visit; as is Becca & Bella.

We're off to St Andrews for the weekend so I'm looking forward to checking out the bookshops in the town. I shall be blogging about them next week.


JG Innes Ltd said...

Hi Richard,

Was very excited to read that you were visiting St Andrews the other week.
I work for the lovely family who own J & G Innes, the oldest bookshop in town situated on South Street, next to the big church.
Did you manage to visit us?
If not, next time you are visiting do say hi as we all love to meet like minded bookselling persons!
Regards Carol

Richard Havers said...

Hi Carol

I didn't do what I intended for reasons that are too complicated to go into! We were in St Andrews though. We're coming up again on the weekend of 24/25 April so I will definitely stop by.

I'm not really a book selling person, but a book buying and writing type person!

Thanks for getting in touch.

JG Innes Ltd said...

Hi Richard,

Trust me, our favourite type of person would be the book buying sort!

Hope you can manage in.