Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BBC Radio Scotland Book Cafe 20 April

Steve Vander Ark, author of The Lexicon -the first encyclopedia to the entire Harry Potter series - chats to The Book Cafe about having to change his book after JK Rowling took him to court for copyright infringement. She may have won the case, but a revised version of The Lexicon has recently been published. The show will also look at what do commuters read on the train between Edinburgh and Glasgow? And if they don’t read - what do people do?

American writer Wells Tower is putting the short story back on the map - his debut collection Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned has won him many adoring fans, and it's receiving rave reviews on both sides of the pond. There's also s piece about how writers cope with a deep involvement or emotional attachment to their subjects. Does writing a diary or going clubbing keep you sane when your subject matter becomes over powering? Finally Gillian Philip chats about her new compelling teen drama, Crossing the Line.

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