Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mainstreet Trading and James Runcie

Mainstreet Trading in St Boswells have an author event on 30 April, we've already got our tickets! It's with James Runcie, whose fourth novel, East Fortune, is his first set in Scotland, where he has now returned to live. The son of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, James is an award-winning television documentary maker as well as an acclaimed novelist. His recent work for television includes J K Rowling: A Year in the Life, Anger (with Griff Rees Jones), The Joy of Motoring and Ten Days that Made the Queen.

Intense, humane, humorous and subtle, East Fortune is a moving story about lives at crossroads; about life and love, chance and hope - and how families survive. James will be interviewed by The Scotsman's Literary editor and author of In Cold Ink: On the Writers Tracks, David Robinson.

"This gripping novel has only one major flaw - it was far too short. I wanted at least another 200 pages with these people and their lives." Victoria Hislop, author of The Island

Tickets are £5 (includes a glass of wine), please email or ask in-store.

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